The universe is shrinking so what should the planets do? Fight to the death, of course!

Destroying a planet gives you more time to fight, and powerups give you an advantage!


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Don't Give Up, Earth! - WINDOWS 12 MB
Don't Give Up, Earth! - MAC OS 17 MB
Don't Give Up, Earth! - LINUX 15 MB
Don't Give Up, Earth! - SOURCE CODE 156 MB


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I can't play the game. :L

Sorry about that, but that would mean that your browser doesn't support Web GL. Most browsers support it, unless you use a really old version. You could also download the game, since it's available on all platforms. 

Thanks for the feedback!

The browser I'm using automatically updates. So it's probably the game's problem. :L

What I mean by 'I can't play' is that I get to the main menu and I'm stuck there.

Oh. I'm not sure what's up with that. You pressed Space or Enter, right? If that didn't work, I honestly have no ideas. Sorry again.

...I press space and it works. I totally forgot about that.